About Us


To be the most trusted Value added Self Sustained IT solutions provider.

What do we do

Are you a small or mid size organisation whose core expertise is not IT but depends etensively on IT for your business growth? Your processes, people and communication is all dependant on IT and facing challenges regularly.

You need a solution that will overcome challenges and focus on your business with ease and here we are. We are experts in solving your complex problems with simple and cost effective solutions either it be a software system for managing Human resources, IT infrastructure, Business process or services for Project Management, BPM and IT consulting.

You are a startup company or in the midle of transformation, we have the best solutions for your needs.


Innovation and Creativity are the core of the solutions at Middshine either it be a simple email or the complex enterprise management system.  With Change being the ever constant character of the world keeping with this also requires guts and together with creative innovations our teams are always the loving partners of our clients.

Professional people

Our team of certified professionals in Project Mangement, HR, Implementation & Support, IT Infrastructure and Quality strive best to maintain the standards and quality all the time. Our professional consulting services take care of your IT needs from Idea to Realisation and Implementation. Our services make sure that your organisation IT sytems meet the international standards.


Our solutions are self sustaining to the future changes and are able to adapt, evolve and endure. We strive to ensure that our solutions are self sustaining not only for the organisational changes but also for social changes. 

Who we are

We are a team of passionate young professionals who love innovation and simplicity in providing value added IT solutions to businesses and individuals. We are always in pace with the latest technologies that would benefit the businesses and always ahead in building solutions for future needs. We focus on current challenges and develop solutions for future needs.

Our team of certified professionals with vast global experience of over 15 years in many verticals are always at your service with no limitations.