Environment Consulting Services

Middshine Environment Consulting Services (MECS) a division of Middshine Technologis Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading environment consulting services provider with presence in Asia, Middle East and New Zealand. Our experienced and dedicated team of professionals in the field of Environment, Chemistry, Geology, Engineering, Infrastructure and IT are always in search of new solutions for constantly evolving global challenges. These team of specialists work on the problems independently and come out with blended solutions leveraging on various other aspects related to the problem area.

MECS work closely with Ministry of Environment and Forests for developing sustainable solutions by participating in various government, private as well as international organisations such as UN, World bank, WHO, Asian Development Bank etc initiatives related to Environment.

The main focus areas are:

Renewable Energy Resources (Solar, Bio, Wind)

Waste water management

Sustainable water resources

Sewage and Storm water Network monitoring and Maintenance

Lakes Management

MECS has vast experience in the field of sustainable energy resources and Waste water management and is constantly doing research and studies on various eco friendly technologies that are sustainable and economical for every living being on this planet.